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digital suction regulators for medical applications

Suction Regulators

Regulators 881VR/882VR Digital Suction Regulators


Release of the all-new Digital Suction Regulator.
While preserving the look-and-feel and usability of our original 2 ½” gauge analog version, we provide the added convenience of an easy-to-read digital display (including a digital sweeping needle.) Truly the best of both worlds!.




types of suction regulators


  • Medical Digital Suction Regulators... Lightweight with durable ABS plastic casing
  • Impact-resistant internal suction regulator components
  • Corrosion-free components and can be thoroughly flushed
  • On/off cycle settings can be adjusted without opening the suction regulator case
  • Accuracy: +/-1% for digital; +/- 2% for analog
  • Intermittent timing cycles: 16 seconds on, 8 seconds off. (timing is adjustable)
  • Suction traps and a variety of fittings & adapters are available
    Color-coding available
  • 10 year warranty on all medical suction regulators
Agion®* Anti microbial Suction Regulator Product Protection
The built-in long-lasting product protection prevents growth of microbes
on the surface of the knobs. The anti microbial product protection is based
on non-volatile, naturally occurring silver.






  Please call or Email us with your Medical Digital Suction Regulators inquiries. We are here to help answer all your technical questions.  

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